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When down-on-her-luck actress Emily comes into an unlikely inheritance, she moves to Sonoma to re-invent herself as a tomato farmer. Her new tomato farm soon yields new friends, new business, and a new shot at love.

  • Ryan Cooper
  • Paten Hughes
  • Luis Vega
  • Michael Melamedoff

Episode 1

Stop Brandy-whining, I’ve got a Mortgage Lifter
Episode 2

When in Roma … or Sonoma.
Episode 3

Here We Go a Boxcar Willie-ing
Episode 4

Paul Robeson to the Rescue
Episode 5

Lemon Boy is for the Way You Look at Me
Episode 6

Tangled Up in Tommy Toes
Episode 7

Stop Sayin’ Sorry, Sun Sugar
Episode 8

I’ll Show You My Marvel Stripe if You Show Me Yours
Episode 9

A Whole Mess-a-‘Maters