A comedy series set and filmed in the oppressively pleasant and mundane county of ‘Dorset’ in the south of England. The story follows two young guys; Connor and Shay, whose humdrum lives are rudely interrupted when their boredom gives way to temptation. They suddenly find themselves dealing with drug dealers and attempting to negotiate life and death situations with only their knowledge of popular culture to help them.

  • Connor Webb
  • Shay Ruddick
  • Shaun Ward
  • James Viller
  • Daisy Porter
  • Femi Oriogun-Williams
  • Pelle Van Smith

  • Connor Webb (Director & Writer)
  • Shaun Ward (Cinematography)
  • Elisha Webb (Make-up & Sound)
  • Billie Hicks (Cinematography & Sound)
  • Femi Oriogun-Williams (Writer & Sound)

Season 1

Episode 1

Episode 2

Perfect Fools
Episode 3

The Meet

Season 2

Episode 1

Life of Riley
Episode 2

Road Trippin'
Episode 3

Episode 4