The story of Marissa A. Ross, a writer who graduated from acting school to make a living as a blogger. She’s spent her whole life in Los Angeles, and has come to the conclusion that it is holding her back from becoming the serious writer she was meant to be. Determined to make a break-out career move, she sets her sights on New York, but L.A. just won’t let her go.

Written & Created By:
  • Marissa A. Ross
  • Bennett Smith

Episode 1

Over a clandestine liquid brunch, Marissa confides in her BFF Alexis that she plans on trying to take her career seriously by moving to New York to start anew -- which goes over poorly. Then, Marissa's ex shows up.

Episode 2 

In a scathing love ballad to Los Angeles, Marissa rants her way to blogging infamy. But being on top has its hazards... mostly at Dudefriend's expense.

Episode 3

After a night out at The Satellite ends with Marissa going home alone, she's given an amazing opportunity. But an early celebration and a missed breakfast date may prove fatal to her good fortune.

Episode 4 

We begin where we left off, with Logan trying to "clarify" his relationship with Marissa while Alexis gives her "Three Important Rules" for making a final break with an ex.

Episode 5 

Marissa decides to get serious about her job prospects while getting stonewalled by an a likely saboteur: her stoned self.

Episode 6 

Marissa takes action by stopping her Logan once and for all while seducing her Dudefriend -- but a risque photo threatens to derail her plans.

Episode 7

Marissa pays off Torres with Alexis and VICE magazine gives Marissa another reason to leave L.A. -- but Dudefriend makes a play that puts her move in question.

Episode 8

Will Marissa run off to New York to sling vice for Vice? Will Dudefriend make some sort of grand gesture that will change the future forever? Will Logan finally redeem himself sexually? Find out on the exciting season finale of #tangentsandthetimes!