The Call Room

The Call Room is an original comedy digital series about four millennial telemarketers working for a non-profit theater. They have to fight each week to keep their jobs under the guidance of their ruthless boss, Simon.

  • Adam Carr
  • Jonathan Schwartz
  • Alexa Rose
  • Sean Harrison Jones
  • Nathaniel Meek


  • Craig Tovey


  • Adam Carr
  • Craig Tovey
Episode 1

The gang scrambles to save their jobs by any means possible when Simon announces a surprise office pizza party, which they are sure is just a cover to "creatively can" someone!
Episode 2

Adam is intimately involved with the office temp... but sadly, so is everyone else! How will they break the news to their "Sweetboy?"
Episode 3

Employee reviews are today and the gang wants to give Simon a piece of their mind WITHOUT any blow-back... but will their exploitation of the employee manual work?

Episode 4

Simon has brought in a special motivational treat, the last call of the telemarketing legend Fred Smith, and the gang is inadvertently exposed to a decades old horror story and an elaborate coverup!
Episode 5

A budget crisis forces the gang into impossible circumstances. Will they stand up to the pressure or has Simon finally given them more than they can handle?
Episode 6

An all-star telemarketer is brought in to whip the gang into shape, but is the sexist, racist "old pro" really teaching them anything?
Episode 7

Alexa enlists the help of the boys for her monthly adult toy party and her boss Dixie will be evaluating her sales technique. Can the boys resist their baser urges to help Alexa out?