Work, in Progress

When Jake loses his job that he hates a whole new world opens up. He dives into the sea of odd jobs and daily work to find his new passion. He searches for what he truly wants to do in life by taking as many random jobs as possible. The jobs he picks are mostly dead end jobs, but he works to justify their importance with his girlfriend, his friends, and ultimately himself. Jake works to keep the hope alive in a city that suddenly has no boundaries, but also, no safety net.


  • Lee Kaplan
  • Robin Johnson
  • Ronald Scott
  • Jeremy Parker
  • Mark Millner


  • John D. Hay Jr

Episode 1

Jack loses his job, and must make a new life plan.
Episode 2

A new opportunity arises for Jake, is this what he was expecting?
Episode 3

Jake learns some valuable lessons from some experienced freelancers.
Episode 4

Jake tries "fashion modeling".
Episode 5

Jake's disappointing jobs takes a toll on his mental state.
Episode 6

Jake takes a job, reluctantly, and finds that daily gigs can be really tough on the soul.
Episode 7

Jake gets a new job working in Times Square and meets a very interesting new person.
Episode 8

Nick comes over to Jake's house and it all hits the fan.
Episode 9

The Finale: All of the jobs and lack there of, have really beaten Jake down.  Can he keep his hopeful attitude?