A story about an election day stuck in a time loop. A mid-level campaign operative, Jamie, keeps reliving her side's surprising 11th hour upset over and over.

  • Amber Rivera
  • John Dana Kenning
  • Lisa Roumain

  • Paul Karpenko

Episode 1

After endless repetitions of the same depressing Election Night, campaign staffer Jamie might have finally found a way to break the loop.

Episode 2

With renewed fervor, Jamie attempts to break the election night loop and in the process makes an amazing discovery.

Episode 3

As Jamie and Nick try to recruit help in breaking the loop, personal conflicts come to a head.

Episode 4

The staff exploit a scandal to bring down Councilman Pines ... but how far is too far?

Episode 5

After a series of setbacks, loyalties are tested as the team disagrees about what to do next.

Episode 6

Are the shortening time loop intervals a light at the end of the tunnel or a tightening noose?