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Slammed is a film about waiting tables. It touches on some aspects of the restaurant industry but, it centers around Jared and Amanda's relationship. Jared is a care free dreamer who lacks initiative. Amanda is off to college after her summer job waiting tables. Fellow servers Myk and Zack round out the cast. Myk is the old dog who is considered a lifer and the tough voice of reason. Zack is the awkward yet lovable guy in the bunch. This film is the vision of creator Joey Edwards and Myk Hughes. Both were servers and bartenders each for over 12 years. Slammed was produced with $0.00 budget and a skeleton crew. Production note: every line of dialog was improvised. Special thanks to Doug Benscoter of Eleven Dollars for his contribution and support. We'd also like to thank Brian Lambert of My Kickdrum Heart and Tyler Casey of Titanmoon. The music in this film is spectacular!

Music: "Sally Tomato" by Titanmoon

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