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On-Going with Matilde Keizer

Matilde Keizer is an irreverent, young woman with dreams of joining the lexicon of great travel show hosts. Unfortunately, she has limited finances and a one-man production staff, her filmmaker-boyfriend, Trevor Silverstein. None-the-less, Matilde attempts to create the best possible travel show in true D.I.Y. fashion.

ON-GOING is a humorous, totally unscripted look at what it’s like to travel the world affordably at a young age. A show that is, simultaneously, an earnest attempt at a documentary travelogue and a loving parody of the genre.


Episode 1


Episode 2

"Kuala Lumpur"

Episode 3


Episode 4

"Bukit Lawang/Lombok"

Episode 5


Episode 6


Episode 7

"Vietnam: South"

Episode 8

"Chiang Mai" - Coming Soon

Episode 9

"Myanmar" - Coming Soon

Episode 10

"Kolkata" - Coming Soon