The Rethinking documentaries follow the travels of a curious engineer to ancient sites around the world, where the claims made are compared to the evidence found.

Episode 1

Alex Mott visits Egypt, researching the pyramids and claims of ancient technology. The Darwinian theory of linear evolution struggles to accommodate some of these artefacts - and human history may need rethinking.
Episode 2

Alex Mott visits Bosnia, investigating the claims of pyramids and ancient structures. It’s possible the Valley of the Pyramids is the work of intelligent hands - but Mother Nature can also produce some fairly amazing things herself.
Episode 3

Alex Mott visits India on the trail of the Vedas and ancient stone working techniques. As with sites in Egypt and around the world, the physical evidence is right in front of you - but how they did it is still a mystery.
Episode 4

Alex Mott visits Peru, investigating precision joints in megalithic walls, Ica Stones and elongated skulls. The ancient Peruvians really knew how to work with nature - and a very old friend is found in the Paracas Museum.
Episode 5

Alex Mott visits Egypt again, continuing to research the stone working techniques of ancient civilizations and other mysteries. Known sites are revisited for a closer look and unknown sites explored for the first time. Egypt is a magical place – and there is still no shortage of questions.