The Streets

In his youth, Benny Chung was initiated into "The Streets", which leads him to a life dedicated to his new found family until he is left with no choice but to blend back into normal society. This prompts Benny to begin a new lifestyle where he supports his younger brother Matty in hopes they can live a normal life. Life is good, but Benny knows in his world all good things come to an end. There is a war brewing in the streets of New York City and Benny Chung must come to terms with his Dai Lo (Boss), his long time associate Paul Wu and his rivalry within the family to face another rising power that threatens their survival.

  • Geoff Lee
  • B Bastian
  • Tak Wah Eng

  • Will Hue

Episode 1

Borrowed Time
Episode 2

Episode 3

Taylor Swift
Episode 4

Quiet Storm
Episode 5

Happy Hour

Episode 6

When Doves Cry

Episode 7


Episode 8